after the third night of sleep training, she is almost up to 12 hours of sleep. twelve hours! it’s like what they say in the books. i’ve learned not to hold my breath though, sleep and everything about babies comes in phases. but still. little E never did this. wow.

if i recall, his nights of sleep training consisted of 45+ minutes of crying.last night, little L began to cry but immediately halted as soon as i shut the light off. like she knew, oh, ok, goodnight mama.

some things never change. i am ridiculously terrified of the house mouse, who hasn’t even left any signs but yet… i am avoiding the first floor after 8pm. it’s totally ridiculous. i could be watching movies or doing something else productive. what do i do? hide out in E’s room until 9, and then climb into bed in the dark room. i’m not even reading. i should be reading or sewing at the very least.

and yes, the days till christmas are short. still no gifts. what’s my problem. for one thing, my ear infection is a nuisance and i have been very focused on that. also trying to work on my scalp.

before i know it i’ll be back in the office. le sigh.

focus and action.

time is ticking. not much leisurely free time anymore. the days suddenly feel terrifyingly short. we get out of the house around 10 and then i head up to bedtime at 7:30, and bedtime has been lasting 2 hours, and then i sleep. lather, rinse, repeat.

suddenly i’m thinking, do i shift gears? take something lower level for experience and location? maybe when the time is right? hmm. or be opportunistic.

so the goals are focus and action. because insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

less multitasking. do one thing at a time and finish a task instead of doing it partially.
just do it, as nike says. what a pertinent statement. why dilly daddle. why debate? just get shit done. that’s what i did yesterday when i went ahead and just started buying crap. i bought a wastebasket for paper recyclables, a file cabinet, and the pottery barn blinds.

if no one goes for the baby clothes/pregnancy pillow, i’m just going to have to donate it. need the space, badly.

focus. and. action. need daily/weekly/monthly goals in order to stay on track. project manage the shit out of this.

goals this week.
– get a christmas tree and decorate
– research outdoor decor. wreath?
– research lower level stuff?
– healthier eating.

it was a mild day for late november, so we strolled outside instead of opting for the mall. a nice brunch at Sam AM and then loafed around downtown, showed up for Mommy and me yoga early enough to nurse. i’m so glad i went. i’m out of shape but benefited from the stretches, poses, and camaraderie of mamas and infants. L had a good time, i think. she was pretty calm for the first 40 minutes or so! and then seemed content in standing pose. it was fun and i’d like to return…

i’m longing for cupcakes but am doing my fruit snack. need more fruits and vegetables, for sure. having trouble with veggies and i keep buying spinach that goes to waste.

i’m all about Gilmore Girls. i loved going through the 4 episodes. is “fan service” such a terrible thing? i guess one wonders if it sacrifices any artistic integrity. WHATEVER.

i can’t believe i haven’t posted anything since before L was born. i rather mourn the loss of my journaling self; i used to thrive on it, filling notebooks with my own philosophical theories and sometimes the scientific/paranormal/esoteric. that me was also very musical. music was just pouring out of me. i am constantly discontent, always looking towards the same goals. what makes me so stagnant?

at the same time, i focus on stability. certain things ground me and perhaps make me boring. i can’t seem to function unless certain house chores are done; i’ve eaten properly; i’ve had my cravings and my internet binges for the day. including ample time with my boggle app. it’s rather mindless and yes, boring. what are the things i keep doing ad infinitum?

– dishes
– laundry
– fridge cleanup
– hunting for a mocha
– eating snacks
– nursing and pumping-related stuff
– checking facebook, blogs, NYtimes, instagram
– playing boggle app

i need to start DOING and try to thrive again on the creative juices that i found so fulfilling. what are the things i seem to always chase?
– better grooming
– better physical shape
– better clothes
– the need to write more, blog
– the need to play music again
– having friends over

ok, i am getting better at having friends over.i just wish i was better in the kitchen. it’s hit or miss somewhat. i don’t have the right “stuff.”

i need to focus more on finishing a project instead of spreading myself too thin.

hard to believe it’s just under two weeks to go now. mixed feelings. it’s going to be nutty times, sleeplessness, an unpredictable baby, i’ll be recovering from surgery, the little bossman will be adjusting… it’s going to be chaotic.

however. this body and belly. i feel proud of my two morning walks. tiresome and difficult as they were. it’s a nice way to start the day, and it’s good to get the blood flowing. i’m 154 lbs. that’s about how much i weighed when the little guy was born. i really can’t wait to work off the baby weight. to have these morning walks, except with the baby in a sling. things are hard, but i’m not feeling the self-pity anymore. i don’t mind asking for help and i also don’t mind pushing myself a little as long as it’s safe. i try to do dishes and laundry, tidy up as much as possible, with breaks. i’m not doing yoga or stretches which i would like to incorporate.

i don’t know how healthy my diet has been. i’m a little lazy about cooking now. i snack quite a bit. i eat ice cream, cake, i don’t skimp on sweets. but i’m also too lazy to peel an orange. i have blueberries in the morning. maybe tomorrow i will go to the store to get ice cream and juice.

the surgery aspect of things is starting to feel a little daunting. i’ve been through it before. just need to stay positive, and look towards meeting my little girl.

we’re seasoned parents now, and this leave will be warmer than our last. so what are some things i want to do with the newborn this time around?
– many walks in the park, sooner
– walking around the house with the sling to be hands free
– using the bouncy chair while cooking and doing other house stuff
– more outings. to NY? to other parks? to see friends?
– lunch outings! for drinks! with bebe!


here at this beautiful hotel, i am treating myself to my very own retreat, a baby moon of sorts, a chance to replenish and renew before the second chapter of motherhood bursts in. i’m experiencing again that sense of impatience. the third trimester isn’t fun, it’s burdensome, and you wind up wanting to get it over with. but, you know that when it is over you will be sleepless and topsy turvy, and you may not be settled for a good two years. so. enjoy the third trimester, with all its aches, pains, cramps, and discomfort.

unwieldy is the best word for it now. i feel so unwieldy. just kind of ridiculous. i dread the ligament stretch that i feel when changing sides in bed. why dread it though, right? just deal. i don’t know why. it just feels weird and unnatural, even though it’s been gradually happening to me for nearly 8 months now. this size and scale just feels huge and bizarre. walking feels weird at first, but i get used to it, i have the strength but the weight of my belly just feels kind of weird and almost wrong. i feel better when i remain active. i feel good after getting the blood flowing. it’s all inertia; the more i sit and lounge, the harder it is to move.

i feel fairly accomplished about the week. a productive weekend getting certified, meeting babies and seeing friends this week. getting little bits of housework done, i can’t really blame myself for not getting more done. i try. tomorrow i get a massage. i’m truly excited to see my boys on monday but also a bit sad that my meditation is nearly over. i fear that i won’t have a moment to myself for years to come. being an introvert, that solitude is something i cherish so much, and balancing it with the joy of familyhood and motherhood is tricky. because i want those things too. and it’s harder than it seems. my son is not an easily moldable protegee but a strong-willed, opinionated young man at the ripe old age of 3. for that i am grateful. but, it is hard.

at the same time i often feel utterly unaccomplished. the baby room is a sea of boxes. all i do is the busywork of putting recyclables in the bin, washing the same laundry over and over again. i want to see real change. i want to make something big and noticeable. i want to write music and write online and cook beautiful meals and be some genius mentor of a mom.

i can’t wait to exercise after i recover. i want to run a 5k.

i have to say, i’m really glad i chose scrum over product owner certification. i couldn’t give a rat’s ass about product requirements. i’m really all about facilitating, translating, ensuring communication is happening. it was a happy revelation to know that this is the right direction.

there are too many things to do, to know. and not enough time. that’s why i have a hard time committing myself to a movie. what if this movie sucks? and i just wasted a saturday night, and 2 hours, watching it. i find myself succumbing more often during long weekends, because of that additional time. tonight i watched Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, which was OK. it’s based on a true story, so i feel that validates it somehow. it didn’t get good ratings though.

what are these things that i want to be doing?
– reading books
– learning about everything. news, science, history, fashion, fitness, health, decorating, anything and everything.
– selecting home items to buy

i want to solve home solutions.

i also want to cook more, learn how to bake cakes. i really have this urge to bake cakes.

i want to get fit. strengthen my ankles. today i ate horribly. i need to stay active. i want to have enough energy to be a good mom and keep up with my son.

i get so into new cafes. bwe kafe and chalait are two faves at the mo’. matcha hot chocolate was such a wonderful new drink for this year. iced matcha lattes aren’t so bad either.

is it the pregnancy that makes me really want to nest? what are the things we need:
– new shower curtain
– new bath rugs?
– rug for bedroom
– new pillows for living room

i long for community and friendship. it was nice to have my family over to bbq last night.

need to have a preschool reunion, and some new neighbors over too.